Qamarabad residents demand e-rickshaw service in the area

The residents of the Qamarabad area of Qamarwari here say they are facing immense inconvenience to reach the main road due to the non-availability of e-rickshaw service.

The people of the area told the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) that they are facing a lot of hardships, especially elderly and students, to reach either Qamarwari Chowk or the bypass road.

“The area is densely populated, but unfortunately there is no government transport service. We have to rely either on private transport or hire auto rickshaws, which is costly,” said a local.

They said although the transport authorities of Kashmir recently introduced the e-rickshaw service on various Srinagar routes, they have not included their route in the list.

“Not everyone owns private transport; from Qamarwari I have to walk around 3 kilometres to reach my home, even to reach on another side of the road – bypass, I have to cover the same distance,” said another resident.

They said even for hiring an auto rickshaw, they have to make a telephone call to get the vehicle to their location.

“Students, elderly and office going people are the most sufferers as they have to walk kilometres to reach the main road. Nobody cares about the sufferings we are going through in the absence of government transport service,” they said.

The residents have appealed to RTO Kashmir to start an e-rickshaw service in their area.

The RTO authorities in Kashmir last month introduced more than fifty routes for e-rickshaws in Srinagar in addition to the already eighteen notified routes.

Meanwhile, a top official from the RTO told KNO that they are going to hold a review meeting on the operations of e-rickshaws in the coming days and that the matter will be taken up during that meeting.

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