Shopian Apple Growers Expect Rich Dividends As Harvest of High Density Variety Begins

Kashmir’s first apple crop is off to a great start as High Density apple variety is being harvested in full swing in south Kashmir’s Shopian district.

Local farmers of the district, also known as Apple district, started planting high density apple plants several years before and the move has brought immense happiness to the growers as harvesting season kicks off. People are particularly fond of high density plants because they bear fruit just one year after being planted, commanding a higher price in the market compared to other apple varieties like ‘Delicious’.

Typically, the apple season in the region starts from mid-October to November. However, the high density apple crop is being harvested earlier than expected and the growers are filled with enthusiasm. They are hopeful for a bumper season and expect a good turnover.

One local grower, Parvaiz Wani, while talking to this GNS shared his excitement about the progress of the apple crop. He expressed his satisfaction with the ongoing harvesting process and credits the hard work and dedication of the farmers for the successful yield of their high density apple plants.

“The abundance of apples not only brings joy to the growers but also contributes to the agricultural economy of the region”, he said.

The success of this first apple crop sets a positive tone for the rest of the season, highlighting the potential for a bountiful harvest and economic growth in the Kashmir Valley.

The apple crop in Kashmir is not only a source of pride for the local growers but also a delight for apple enthusiasts across the region. The sweet and juicy apples from Kashmir are known for their exceptional taste and quality. Whether enjoyed fresh or used in various culinary creations, Kashmiri apples are a treat for the taste buds.

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